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1 Registration and Login
2 Personal Space Management
3 Searching Papers
4 Reading Papers
5 Discussing With Other Readers and Authors
6 Collection
7 Tag
8 Recommendation

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1. Registration & login
1.1 Register
   Please click register on the homepage of Sciencepaper Online to enter the user registration page, fill in individual information according to facts, and submit. We will send you a confirmation email to your registered email box. Please login your email box, check the email, and click the link in the email to complete the registration.
1.2 Login
   Please click login on the homepage, and input your user name and password to login your private toolbox. The user name is the complete email address you have registered, and there must be no excess blanks before, after or in the user name.
1.3 Forgot Password
   If you have forgotten your password, please click forgot password on the login page, input the registered email box, and click send. You will receive an email with password change link. Please click the link to enter the password change page, input a new password, and submit. You can login with the new password then.

2. Personal Space Management
   You can learn about the latest update of the website, submit your papers, make comments, manage your collections and tags, change your password, and revise your information in your personal space.
2.1 Change Password
   Please login your personal space, click change password at left, and input the original password and new password to complete the operation.
2.2 Revise Information
   Please login your personal space, click revise information at left, revise and submit.

3. Searching papers
   The website provides two full-text search types, namely quick search and advanced search. The advanced search provides more specific and directive search, which has multiple selection criteria such as Title, Author, Abstract, Keywords, Publication Date, etc.
3.1 Quick full-text search
   If you don't remember exact information about the paper, but only remember some parts of the paper, you can use the quick full-text search to find the paper. Please input all or partial information of a paper to the quick search box on the home page at the right side of the navigation bar, and click the Search to obtain the results.
3.2 Advanced full-text search
   Please click the advanced search link on the home page to enter the search page. Please input relevant information to the input box, select qualifications (any words/all words/the exact phrase) in the drop-down menu, and select the search location (anywhere/full text/article title/ author/abstract/keywords) in the following drop-down menu. The advanced search helps you to narrow down your selection and list the search results in alphabetical or sequential order for your convenience.

4. Reading papers
   Please install PDF Reader® on your personal computer. Our site provides multiple methods for paper ranking such as the Latest Papers, the Latest Peer Reviews, The Most Downloaded Papers and the Most Popular Papers.
4.1 Reading online papers
   You can browse the newest research achievements on the website, thanks to the site’s short publication cycle. The first-published papers are classified according to primary category and secondary category. Reading a paper is simply a click-away. Just select the needed paper via reading titles and abstracts, and then click the full-text link to open the pdf paper in a web page.
4.2 Reading online outstanding papers
   The website provides free peer review service, which gives rankings from 1 to 5 and displays corresponding stars in each paper page. You can selectively read the outstanding papers with ranks above 4 stars. You can find the papers you need according to subjects in the latest peer reviewed papers.

5. Discussing with other readers and authors
   You can discuss the research papers with other authors online when reading papers. There is an area for you to make comments at the bottom of the paper page. The comments are collected in Forum where you can view existing comments, write new comments as well as reply to the discussion threads. When you browse the scholar column, you can also leave massages to the scholars you want to communicate with. The website will automatically send an e-mail to the scholar to remind the scholar to check and reply to your massage in time.
   We try our best to build a friendly and inspiring academic atmosphere, promote academic criticism, and give a platform for researchers to exchange creative ideas. The comments can be published after review. You can check the state of your comments in your personal space, and revise or delete the unpublished comments. Once a new comment is made on your paper, we will send you a prompt email for reminding you to read and reply to the comments in time. You are welcome to vote for or against the comments however only one vote is accepted from the same user per day.

6. Collection
   You can collect the first-published papers, scholars and their papers of interest to your personal space. You can login your personal space periodically and manage your collections, add or cancel the collections as needed. The site’s statistic function helps you to fast track the most popular papers.

7. Tag
   You can use simple words as tags, and classify the papers of interest according to your own understanding. The website provides you with tag editing function. You can manage your tags and search your tags or the papers with your tags in your personal space. You can see the research trends by looking at the summaries of bookmarks from all the users.

8. Recommend to a friend
   If you find a paper or scholar interesting you can email the link of that particular paper or scholar to your friend with your remarks.