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ISSN 1674-2850
CN 11-9150/N5
About this Journal

   Authorized by Press and Publication General Administration, Highlights of Sciencepaper Online was officially started publication in May, 2008. The Journal is a semimonthly independent continuous electronic publication, published at the middle and the end of each month. The standard serial numbering of the journal in China is: CN 11-9150/N5, ISSN 1674-2850.
   Highlights of Sciencepaper Online is a journal approved by Ministry of Education, PRC, administrated by the Center for Science and Technology Development of the Ministry, and published by the editor department of Highlights of Sciencepaper Online. The journal includes the outstanding papers opened on Sciencepaper Online(www.paper.edu.cn) and then selected by a high-level academic board, mainly reporting the latest achievements with significance and innovation in basic research and applied research of natural science fields.
   For facilitating fast communication among the researchers about the latest achievements, the papers of each issue of Highlights of Sciencepaper Online are published online according to subjects, and can be searched on Sciencepaper Online.