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Observation of Amitosis in the Epidermal Cells of the Plant Pelargonium Zonale `Kleiner Liebling`
LI Ming-Yin * #
Institute of gardenscience, Mianyang Normal University
*Correspondence author
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Funding: none
Opened online:12 March 2008
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Citation: LI Ming-Yin.Observation of Amitosis in the Epidermal Cells of the Plant Pelargonium Zonale `Kleiner Liebling` [OL]. [12 March 2008] http://en.paper.edu.cn/en_releasepaper/content/19232
Amitosis, different from mitosis, is a rare form of the proliferation of the cells. Most amitosis were observed in animal cells; only few of them were reported in plant cells. The cytological investigation in this study the first time was in Pelargonium zonale, demonstrated two different ways of amitotic division of nucleus:cleavage and constriction,in which no appearance of the visible chromosomes and no spindles were observed; And then the amitotic nuclear division of the following cytokinesis was observed, in which the cytoplasm divided directly into two or more parts accompanying the daughter nuclei and formed two or more daughter cells. It was suggested that amitosis could be a way of the division of the endoreduplicated cells. This study showed the genetic material may sometimes be unequally distributed between the daughter cells in amitosis, and the amitosis could lead to bi-, tri- and multinucleated cells.
Keywords:Pelargonium; epidermal cell;amitosis, endoreduplication, nucleus cleavage, nucleus constriction.

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