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Piezoresistivity of carbon fiber reinforced cement-matrix composites
Zhao Xiaohua * #,Li Guobao,Wang Yulin,Li Gengying
Department of Civil Engineering, Shantou University
*Correspondence author
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Funding: 教育部博士点基金,广东省高等学校自然科学研究重点项目(No.20060560003,06Z013)
Opened online: 9 February 2010
Accepted by: none
Citation: Zhao Xiaohua,Li Guobao,Wang Yulin.Piezoresistivity of carbon fiber reinforced cement-matrix composites[OL]. [ 9 February 2010] http://en.paper.edu.cn/en_releasepaper/content/40099
Both positive and negative piezoresistivity occur in cement-matrix composites containing short carbon fibers due to the variation of moisture content in the composites. For most cases the electrical resistivity of the composites decreases monotonically upon longitudinal compression, and piezoresistivity tends to be positive. However, its magnitude varies. Lower moisture content leads to stronger piezoresistivity. When moisture content is in a specific range, the electrical resistivity of the composites increases monotonically upon compressive strain, and piezoresistivity tends to be negative. This effect is much stronger than positive piezoresistivity. The transition from positive to negative piezoresistivity is observed. It is proposed that the occurrence of these phenomena is attributable to decreases in both pore network connectivity and capillary porosity during compression.
Keywords:Piezoresistivity;carbon fiber;cement-matrix composite

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