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Affect on heating pretreatment to desulfurization of fine coal by magnetic separation
Wang Lili * #,Liu Qian,Li Zhengyong
School of chemical engineering and technology,CUMT
*Correspondence author
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Funding: none
Opened online:25 August 2010
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Citation: Wang Lili,Liu Qian,Li Zhengyong.Affect on heating pretreatment to desulfurization of fine coal by magnetic separation[OL]. [25 August 2010] http://en.paper.edu.cn/en_releasepaper/content/4381998
This paper mainly introduces the principle and the importance of the desulfurization technology of magnetic separation. And through experiments,we know that with the increase of semi-coke temperature, desulfurization efficiency begins to increase and then decrease. The best pyrolysis temperature of coal is 550℃, whose desulfurization rate is 73.06%. It indicates that magnetic desulfurization after low temperature treatment can remove sulfur in coal.
Keywords:mineral processing technology;magnetic desulfurization; semi-coke; desulfurization efficiency

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