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Study Quality on native coal and Grinding coal
Wang Lili 1 * #,Wang Huixiang 2,Zhao Haizhen 3,Xie Wenjuan 4
1.School of chemical engineering and technology,CUMT
2.School of chemical and environmental engineering ,CUMT
3. Coal electrifies development limited Liability Company of Luneng in Hami
4.Coal electrifies development limited Liability Company of Luneng in Hami
*Correspondence author
#Submitted by
Funding: none
Opened online: 8 September 2010
Accepted by: none
Citation: Wang Lili,Wang Huixiang,Zhao Haizhen.Study Quality on native coal and Grinding coal[OL]. [ 8 September 2010] http://en.paper.edu.cn/en_releasepaper/content/4383642
From Shanxi Lingshi coal preparation plant the author get the pilot sample, and then get the protogenous trial sample and the grinding trial sample through preparing, looking for the difference of physical properties between them in quality and density.Research shows:Through grinding of the coal, the quality level in every particle size fraction is homogeneous, and the moisture and volatile matter become lower, the ash significantly increase, but the carbon fixed no obvious changes. Although there are no universal rules of the total sulfur and the granularity of grinding coal, the sulfate sulfur has a negative correlation with the granularity, the pyrites sulfur has a positive correlation with he granularity; The yield and total sulfur in every particle size fraction keep the trend with the protogenous coal, but the ash of different particle size is no homogeneous of the grinding coal.
Keywords:Mineral process;physical properties; moisture; ash; volatile matter; carbon fixed; density

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