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Real-time analysis and online prediction of the process parameters in the process of a dense medium separation
KUANG Yali 1 * #,Wang Zhangguo 1,Ge Jun 2
1.School of Chamical Engineering and Technoligy, China University of Minning and Technology
2.Xingtai Mining, Jizhong Energy,Hebei Province
*Correspondence author
#Submitted by
Funding: Ph.D. Programs Foundation of Ministry of Education of China (No.No. 20100095110013)
Opened online:13 March 2014
Accepted by: none
Citation: KUANG Yali,Wang Zhangguo,Ge Jun.Real-time analysis and online prediction of the process parameters in the process of a dense medium separation[OL]. [13 March 2014] http://en.paper.edu.cn/en_releasepaper/content/4586986
The process parameters of the dense medium separation used to be predicted in the design process of a coal preparation plant. The data calculated in a month synthesizing and detected by a detectors is only that after the event. A online prediction system for the process parameters of dense medium separation system were developed. The system could accomplish the calculation of coal preparation recovery rates and productivities in real-time, the prediction of the density composition of the feeded raw coal, the concentrate yield, the efficiency and the density of the dense medium separation on line. The achieved parametes could be transmitted to the control system as the given control limite index. The system has been used in the product line efficaciously.
Keywords:coal preparation plant; dense medium separation; real-time analysis; online prediction; hybrid programming

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