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Spin-wave propagating spectrum in magnetization-modulated cylindrical nanowire
LI Zhixiong,Wang Mengning,NIE Yaozhuang,Wang Daowei,Tang Wei,GUO Guanghua *
School of Physics and Electronics, Central South University, Changsha, 410083
*Correspondence author
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Funding: Natural Science Foundation of Hunan Province of China(No.13JJ2004), Doctoral Fund of Ministry of Education of China (No.20120162110020), National Natural Science Foundation of China(No.11374373)
Opened online: 8 October 2015
Accepted by: none
Citation: LI Zhixiong,Wang Mengning,NIE Yaozhuang.Spin-wave propagating spectrum in magnetization-modulated cylindrical nanowire[OL]. [ 8 October 2015] http://en.paper.edu.cn/en_releasepaper/content/4656499
We investigate the spin-wave propagation in magnetization-modulated cylindrical nanowire by using micromagnetic simulations. Several spin-wave bandgaps are observed on spin-wave propagating spectra and dispersion curves, which are caused by the Bragg reflection of the propagating spin waves at the Brillouin zone boundaries. The bandgaps can be effectively tuned by changing the magnetization modulation level and the periodic length. The manipulation mechanism of the band structure is explained through combined consideration of the periodic effective field and the spin-wave scattering characteristics at the interface of two magnetization segments.
Keywords:magnonic crystal; band gap; spin wave; micromagnetic simulation

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