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Optimization of Supercritical extraction process for Perilla essential Oil
Zhang Meiping 1 *,Shan Yongjie 1,Shen Zhenguo 1,Li Jiancheng 2,Zhang Zetao 2
1.College of Life Sciencesjiaoshou, Nanjing Agricultural University,Nanjing 210014
2.Lijiang Pioneer Food Development Co., Ltd., Lijiang 674100
*Correspondence author
#Submitted by
Funding: 省校共建项目:紫苏油的开发与利用(No.2016)
Opened online: 5 July 2019
Accepted by: none
Citation: Zhang Meiping,Shan Yongjie,Shen Zhenguo.Optimization of Supercritical extraction process for Perilla essential Oil[OL]. [ 5 July 2019] http://en.paper.edu.cn/en_releasepaper/content/4749295
The essential oil of perilla was extracted by supercritical carbon dioxide extraction with perilla as raw material. On the basis of single factor experiment, the optimum conditions for extracting perilla essential oil were obtained.The optimum process parameters are as follows:The perilla seeds were crushed to 50m 100 mesh; supercritical extraction temperature: 45~55℃;extraction pressure: 305Mpa.Extractive time: 4h;refined separation pressureI: 89Mpa.separation pressureII: 5~6.5Mpa. First-order molecular distillation dehydration,deodorization: distilled I temperature: 60~90C, distillation I vacuum: 500~5000Pa, Flow rate: 200~400g/h,scraper speed: 250~350r/min;second order molecular distillation deacidification: distillation II temperature: 150~170℃, distillation II vacuum degree: 5~20 Pa, built-in condensation temperature: 30~60℃, flow rate: 200~400 g/h, scraper speed: 250~350 r/min; freezing dewaxing: freezing temperature: -5~0℃, freezing time: 16~12h. Extraction rate > 39%.
Keywords:Perilla; Supercritical carbon dioxide; Extraction

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