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Single Carbon Dioxide Molecules on Surfaces Studied by Low-Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy
WANG Yawei, LI Na, WANG Yongfeng * #
Key Laboratory for the Physics and Chemistry of Nanodevices, Department of Electronics, Peking University, Beijing 100871, China.
*Correspondence author
#Submitted by
Funding: the Ministry of Science and Technology (No.Nos. 2014CB239302 and 2013CB933404), National Natural Science Foundation of China(No.Nos.21522301,21373020,21403008,61621061,21433011), the Research Fund for the Doctoral Program of Higher Education (No.No.20130001110029)
Opened online:26 April 2017
Accepted by: none
Citation: WANG Yawei, LI Na, WANG Yongfeng.Single Carbon Dioxide Molecules on Surfaces Studied by Low-Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy[OL]. [26 April 2017] http://en.paper.edu.cn/en_releasepaper/content/4726508
Global environmental problems induced by the rapid consummation of fossil fuels have become more and more serious. In this context, the reduction and conversion of carbon dioxide (CO$_2$) has been intensively studied because CO$_2$ is a greenhouse gas which is responsible for the global warming. This review focuses on the low-temperature scanning tunneling microscopy investigations of single CO$_2$ molecules on surfaces. We divide the supported substrates into the following categories: metal surfaces, metal oxide surfaces, and surfaces decorated by metal-organic frameworks. The single molecule study of CO$_2$ molecules helps to understand the microscopic mechanism of reduction and conversion of CO$_2$ molecules.
Keywords:Carbon Dioxide, Low-Temperature Scanning Tunneling Microscopy, Surface Science.

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