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1. Acceptance of Terms of Service
Sciencepaper Online (www.paper.edu.cn, hereinafter, for short, our website), it is sponsored by the Center of Development for Science and Technology of the Ministry of Education, all services provided by the website completely followed the principle for terms of service as well as the rules of operation .Users must entirely agree all terms and the complete process of registration, then the applicants will be able to become the users of the Sciencepaper Online.

2. Specification of Service
(1)Sciencepaper Online is operated through international network to provide rich resources, including various tools of information, meshwork forum, contents of individuation (hereinafter ,short for this service).This term of service should be applicable unconditionally, unless with other specific stipulation, boost up or strengthen any new function of present service, including new products.
(2)Sciencepaper Online will not bear any responsibility to the network service, namely, the users will bear the risk in using the network service. Our website does not ensure that the service will meet all the demands of the users, and not ensure the service will not break off, as well as not assure the timely service, security, and accuracy.
(3)In order to use this service , the users must <1>prepare the required devices to get into the international network, including computersdata processing instruments, and other accessing devices; <2>pay the fees of the relevant service on their own.
(4)The users accepted this service must agree:<1>provide complete ,true,exact,up to date individual information;<2>constantly updating the registered data and information, so as to meet the requirement mentioned <1>in of(4) In case ,the users provide any inaccurate , unreal, out of date or incomplete information, which knows for sure by the Sciencepaper Online; or Sciencepaper Online has full reasonable reason to suspect the former data are inaccurate ,untrue ,out of date or incomplete , the website has the full right to suspend temporarily or terminate the access to the user name, at the same time turn down the users to use entire service or part of the service at present or in the future.
(5)Whether notify or not , Sciencepaper Online has the right to amend or terminate this service temporarily or permanently (or any part of it ) .The Sciencepaper Online has the right to be based on any reason to terminate the access to the user name, password, or the service, or delete, transfer users storage, the content released in this service ,it is unnecessary to have notification to any one when the Sciencepaper Online adopt the above action, and not bear any responsibilities to the users and the third party as well.
(6)Sciencepaper Online will adopt the usual way through e-mail, bulletin or letters to notify the users.

3. The users'responsibilities
(1)The users should follow the following law and rules
The users agree to comply with the"Law to Guard the State Secret of the Peoples'Republic of China","Regulation for Safeguarding the Security for Computer Information System of the People's Republic of China","Regulation for Safeguarding Software of Computer"and relevant rules and laws related to computers as well as the internet, means of implementation. Under any circumstance, the Sciencepaper Online is in reasonable way to deem that the action done by the users disobey the above-mentioned law and regulation, this website can terminate the service without informing of the users in advance.
The users should realize the internet is without national boundaries, in particular, should follow the relevant local law and rules with special attention.
(2)User name, password and safety
As long as the users succeed in registration, you will become the legal user in the Sciencepaper Online, and will get a user name and the corresponding password. The users have the obligation to ensure the safety of the user name and password. The users have full responsibility for all activities in using the username and password. The Sciencepaper Online will not bear any responsibility for the losses and damages deriving from what the users have done.
If the users password and user name are used in the unauthorized way, or any other safety problem occurred, the users may immediately notify the Sciencepaper Online, at the same time , every time the connection is over, the user should close your account number, otherwise, the user can not be safely protected by our website.
(3)System of Privacy for the User
Details please refer to "Statement of Paper Online for Protection of Users Privacy"
(4)The storage and restrictions for users information
The Sciencepaper Online is not responsible to the users for information deletion and storage failure released by the users. Our website has the right to determine if the users action meets the regulations set up in the terms of service of the Sciencepaper Online, if the Sciencepaper Online deems the users violated the rules and regulations set up in the terms of service, it has the right to break off the network service which provides to the users.
(5)The following actions by users are completely forbidden
I. upload, post, send e-mail or deliver illegal, harmful, compulsion, harassment, backbiting, coarse, obscenity, slander, violation of others privacy, racial discrimination or others which will make others unhappy ,including, but not limited in the information, letter, software, music, photo, graphics, information and other data(hereinafter, for short content)
II. by taking any manoeuvre to harm the minors
III. counterfeit any person or organ, or with false and disloyal way to mislead and cheat any person or any organ
IV. Forge the heading or with other ways to control the identification of the information, which will make people consider by mistake that the content is transferred by the Sciencepaper Online
V. Has no right to transfer the content( for instance, the internal information, confidential data) to upload, post, send e-mail or other ways to transfer.
VI. It infringes upon others to send e-mail or transmit with other way to upload, post, any person's patent, trademark, copyright, business secret or other content belonging to others.
VII. to upload, post, send e-mail or other ways to transfer the advertisement correspondence, sales promotion, "garbage mails". Except above mentioned identified special area.
VIII. to upload, post, send e-mail or other ways to transfer the virus to relevant information which will disturb, destroy, or restrict any computer software, hardware or communication facility or other computer code, records, and program information.
IX. disturb or destroy the service or the server and networks connected with this service, or not keep to the rules to the use of this service network.
X. on purpose or not on purpose disobey any pertinent national law, law and regulation, ordinance and other requirement with law force
XI. tail after or with other ways to harass other people
The users are fully responsible for all the content which is uploaded, posted, e-mail delivery or other ways to transmit through our service.
For the content transmitted through the service, the Sciencepaper Online will not ensure its accuracy, integrality or quality. When the users accept our service, it is possible that the users may get to some content and text which will make you unhappy, inadequate or nasty. Under any circumstance, our network will not be responsible for any content, including, but not limited in any mistake or small accident as well as derived from loss and harm. Our network has the right (but not obligation) to reject or delete any content which get through our service by ourselves. The users make use of the above stated content, should bear the risk on their own. Our network has the right to keep or to disclose the content under the following circumstances:
<1>stipulated by law procedure;<2>stipulated by our terms of service;<3>right claimed by the third party being violated;<4>for the protection of Sciencepaper Online, for the right of the users and public in society, for the personal safety and property;<5>other circumstances which our Sciencepaper Online deems to be stressed.
(6)Concerning the public use of the pasted content on the area coverage of the Sciencepaper Online
I."open area for use"refers to the area used by common people
II. what the users post in the open area in our service is regarded as the users grant the Sciencepaper Online the right for free use and the right to use for non-individual, our website has the right to display, disseminate, recommend the above-mentioned content for the purpose of service, and reproduce, revise, publish as well. This right for use goes down to the time when the users delete all the content mentioned above.
III. The users will bear full responsibility which resulted the claim of compensation for loses or harms by the third party because of the users proceed with the above paste.
(7)Users are not allowed to use this service to copy, sale or carry through other commercial uses without authorization by our website.
(8)Sciencepaper Online has the right to stipulate and revise the common measure, including, but not limited to decide keeping the e-mail information or content for time to be uploaded, measures of this service that will restrict the numbers of e-mail which can be accepted with one account number. If our Sciencepaper Online can not save or delete the content or other information in our service, our website does not bear any responsibilities. For those users whose account number is not in use for a long time, our Sciencepaper Online has the right to close it.
(9)The users agree to compensate Sciencepaper Online and other relevant company, agent or other copartner and staff, not suffer any harm, due to the users who pass through our service to post or transmit information, connected with our service, violate the terms of service as well as violate others right which causes the third party who has the right to put forward their claim.
(10)The commercial business with the advertiser
It is completely the action between the users and advertisers and nothing to do with our Sciencepaper Online for the users who get through our service contacting with the advertisers in communication or commercial business or participating in the sales promotion, as for any harms or losses occurred for above-mentioned business or advisers, our website does not bear any responsibility. Our Sciencepaper Online has not any obligation to screen or inspect to the advertisement and the advertisers as well.
(11)Acceptance of interrelated service on financial aspects.
Our service will not bear any responsibility in information accuracy, applicability to the users who accept our service in the market information,stock review/analysis, information on orientation of investment .Based on the abovementioned information, all have been done by the users in the decision for business or investment; the users should take on all the responsibilities and consequences.
(12)With regard to the inter-linkage
It is possible that this service will provide the inter-linkage with other international website or other resources. Sciencepaper Online will not guarantee if the above mentioned website or resources could be utilized. The Sciencepaper Online also undertakes no responsibility for those who use or rely on the above website and resources that will resulted the losses and harms.

4. Intellectual property and other right for the Sciencepaper Online
(1)The copyright of all the information held by the Sciencepaper Online (including, but not limited to the letters, pictures, designs, icon, photo, records, video editing, and special software etc) belongs to the Center of Technology and Development of the Ministry of Education and the supplier of the information for our website. Without definite permission and authorization in written form by the Center of Technology and Development of the Ministry of Education, nobody will be allowed to use any form to copy, connect, retransmit, distribute, extract and edit, revise, translate, imitate all the information of our website, at the same time it is not allowed to make mirror image in the server which does not belong to our Center. Visitors should not violate the provision of copyright law and international pact when they use our website by any means.
The Center holds all the intellectual property for all the content,technical devices,technical instrument and services developed by itself or together with others. Nobody will be allowed to harm or destroy, and not allowed to use it as well.
(2)The Center reserves all rights for the label in its design, products and title of service. Any other persons are not allowed to use, copy or in other use.

5. Statement of Exemption for Responsibility
(1)Sciencepaper Online will not make statement or assure the accuracy for those including pass through or connect, download or any other content, information, advertisement; Meanwhile the Sciencepaper Online bear no responsibilities to the users who procured, obtained any products, information, or data from advertisement, display on our service. The users should be fully responsible for the risk in using our service on their own.
(2)Sciencepaper Online has the right but not the obligation to improve or correct any careless omissions, errors.
(3)The Sciencepaper Online does not guarantee (including but not limited to):(1)This service meets the requirement for users to make use of it;(2)This service will not suffer from any disturbance, it is in time, safe, reliable and no errors will appear; (3) Any products, service, as well as other data and material obtained from this service meet the expectation of the users.
(4)The users who get through our service to download any information should bear the risk and responsibilities; at the same time ,bear the full responsibility for the damages of computer system and loses of information resulted from using this service.
(5)The Sciencepaper Online will not bear the following punitive compensation directly, indirectly, incidentally, due to the following causes that makes the loses in profit, business credit, losses in data or other tangible, intangible losses;<1>the service can or can not be used;<2>any products, data or service procured or obtained in our service;<3>the information of the users are used or revised without any authorization;<4>others matters related with our service.
(6)The users should have their own judgment in search of catalog in our Sciencepaper Online in looking through the network border/route. This search of catalog may lead the users into the website which is deemed to be attacking or inappropriate, it is not the obligation for Sciencepaper Online to inquire the content of the catalogs listed in the website, and therefore, Sciencepaper Online will not undertake any responsibilities for its accuracy, legitimacy, justice as well.

6. Modification and Amendment for the Terms of Service
The Sciencepaper Online has the right to amend its terms of service at any time, in case of amendment occurred, our website will remind the users for the revised content on the main page; it is necessary for those users who use this special service in the website, to accept relevant regulations or statement provided at any times, the regulations or statement is part of the terms of service. If the users do not agree the amendment of the terms of service, the users may cancel what is obtained in the network service on their own initiative; if the users keep on enjoying on the network service, it is regarded as the users accept the amendment of terms of service. On the time when disputes arise , it will take the updated terms of service as the criteria for review.
The terms of service is stipulated for the users to use this service, it will substitute the previous agreement which was signed between the users and the Sciencepaper Online (the center of technology and development under the ministry of education)

7. Applicability and Domination of Law
The terms of service is applicable to the law of the People's Republic of China while it comes into force, in implementation, interpretation, settlement of the disputes. The part of these terms of service which is collided against the law of the People's Republic of China is ineffective, and will not affect the operation of other part.