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Mesh Topology in Scanned Garment Reconstruction
Yueqi Zhong * #,Hongyan Liu
College of Textiles, Donghua University
*Correspondence author
#Submitted by
Funding: 教育部博士点基金-新教师基金,国家自然科学基金,国家自然科学基金,东华大学博士研究生创新基金(No.20070255003,60703098,60973072,BC200918 )
Opened online:26 February 2010
Accepted by: none
Citation: Yueqi Zhong,Hongyan Liu.Mesh Topology in Scanned Garment Reconstruction[OL]. [26 February 2010] http://en.paper.edu.cn/en_releasepaper/content/40256
3D garment with high fidelity can be obtained via range data scanning. The original output of body scanner is an unorganized points cloud. In this paper, the geometrical surface of 3D garment is reconstructed through a series of treatments. The primary target of this work is to investigate the dynamic behavior of the corresponding physical model transferred from different mesh topologies. A mass-spring model is constructed for both regular meshes and irregular meshes. The performance under various integration methods is evaluated. Experimental results reveal the procedure of regularization is suitable for the integrators that are sensitive to the physically-based simulation of scanned garments.
Keywords:three-dimensional garment;mesh topology;numerical integration;strain control

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